Get to know our bats!

In 2002, after a long history of educating Peachland youth, the historic primary school shut its doors and the students moved to the larger Peachland Elementary school. The heritage building sat vacant for nearly a decade and fell into disrepair. The community feared that the building would be torn down and a piece of Peachland’s history lost.

In 2011, a miraculous discovery was made. A maternal bat colony was discovered in the historic primary school, now the Peachland Visitor Centre, and they had been living there for decades. After that discovery, Peachland bats, previously considered a nuisance, became treasured by the community. They are responsible for keeping our beautiful waterfront mosquito free, and the confirmation of the colony save the historic school from being torn down.

Our upstairs neighbours are a maternity colony, meaning they are mostly females and their pups (babies). The visitor centre attic acts as their summer home as they spend May through October there. In the winter, they hibernate in caves on the other side of the lake to hang out with the dads. In the spring, they fly back to the visitor centre and give birth to their young. The pups learn to fly right here in Peachland!

Despite Peachland’s love for her bats, they tend to carry a bad reputation due to misinformation and fear. Recognizing the need to educate the public on these amazing creatures, the Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society (BEEPS) was formed. They actively promote the protection and preservation of the bats in a number of ways. They educate the public by giving “bat chats”, assist people with inquiries about how to live with bats, and much more.

To learn more about Peachland’s Bats and what BEEPS is doing, check out their website at