Peachland is a small community with so much to offer &em from a stunning waterfront to museums to exotic birds, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Parrot Island

Please contact directly for their 2022 season dates as times may vary.

Exotic Parrots? In Peachland? You heard right— but know that this is not a zoo. This is a bird sanctuary run by Ray and Valerie Parkes who have been rescuing abused and abandoned birds for years. They care for the birds and work on finding them new, loving homes. They typically offer tours of their sanctuary to the public from Spring to Fall and give tours by reservation in the Winter.

Watch this video for more information on Parrot Island!

Peachland Fall Fair

Peachland’s Fall Fair is an annual celebration that has been happening in our community for over 100 years! In the style of an old-fashioned country fair, community members and our neighbours get together and showcase their best baking, flower arrangements, fruits, preserves, photography, and more. The best in each category are awarded prizes.


Peachland Museum

Step back in time and explore Peachland’s past at the Peachland Museum. It is housed in a historic building that was constructed mostly by volunteers in 1910 and served as a Baptist Church. Its exhibits include a miniature of historic Beach Avenue, a working model of the Kettle Valley Railway, and more!

Peachland Visitor Centre

Let us help you make memories in our charming town! Whether you are a visitor who needs directions or advice on what to do, or a local who is looking for community information, we are here for you! Our historic building is over 100 years old and once served as a schoolhouse for the children of Peachland.

We are more than just a visitor centre— we are also an attraction where you can take a tour of our interpretive centre and learn about Peachland’s history. You can also learn about our bats— yes, bats! Our building is also home to a maternal bat colony; each year, mother bats spend the spring and summer in our attic and give birth to their young (called pups!) Don’t worry— if you are afraid of bats, they don’t come into contact with the public. We are very thankful for our bats because they are the reason why you won’t find any mosquitoes in Peachland. Our bats can eat over half their body weight in insects every single night.

For more information on Peachland’s Bats, visit the Bat Education & Ecological Protection Society (BEEPS).

Peachland Waterfront

The Peachland waterfront is the perfect way for folks to explore Peachland. The paved walk way stretches all along Beach avenue and takes you by shops, restaurants and cafes. Make some music using outdoor instruments on our new boardwalk. Take a dip at Swim Bay, the only life-guarded beach in Peachland. Folks in wheelchairs have beach access via Swim Bay and can take a cruise on our new, wheelchair accessible boardwalk, which is also an excellent place to fish!


Photos courtesy of Rhonda Johnson, Darci Ritchey, and the District of Peachland.