Bedford & Spring Lake Trails

The Bedford Trails are named after West Bedford, long-time Peachland resident and pharmacist. The trail is perfect for snowshoeing and is easy to navigate. It is well marked with pink ribbon and “T”s on trees. The trail head is marked with an orange sign that reads “Wes’s Trail”. At the beginning of the trail, you will exit the bush at the powerline. From there, head right and walk up over the little hill. The trail continues down to the left. The trail ascends with switchbacks. You can hike 2.5 km up to the old hunting shelter then return the same way.

Wes’s trail: Take highway 97 south to Peachland. Turn on Princeton Avenue and follow it past Zip Zone and past Headwaters Rd./Peachland Forest Service Rd. Pass the Silver Lake driveway; after about 1.5km, the trailhead will be on the right and will be marked with an orange sign that says “Wes’s Trail”.

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Easy to Difficult
Average Distance (Round Trip):
Average Time (Round Trip):
2 hours
Dogs Allowed:
Wheelchair Accessible: